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My Rules :

1 - I am very lenient with OC's, mostly because I like to encourage people to be creative and try writing something that is purely their own! However: I do read your profiles, and there is a fair amount of judging that goes on before I decide to roleplay with you. If it is obvious that your character is godmodding/ power playing/being obnoxious in general I will probably ignore your comment.

2 - I would ask that you try to match my length of responses or, at least, write more than a few sentences if I give you a paragraph. Really, I honestly don't mind if you write one paragraph to my three - because, especially with Phantom, I tend to over-write - but giving me the bare minimum is bound to enfuriate me. I do have accounts that I mostly use script-style on, so if you are uncomfortable with writing so much, you can always talk with them. (Or send me a note. I'll be glad to cut down or change styles if you want me to!)

3 - I am rather bias when it comes to starters - or even roleplaying in general. I will reply to comments that perk the most interest faster and more frequently and, depending on the writing style, with more quality. Basically, I shall do my best to make roleplays interesting if you do the same!

4 - Please, do not nag me to reply to you if I have not for a while. Sending me one note is acceptable, but not several or after each reply. It's annoying and, if anything, only makes me want to put your's off more. I have a lot of accounts, and keeping muses for some of them is difficult, so please just try to be patient and know that I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Follow these rules, and we're sure to have a wonderful time roleplaying together!

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it's me they hear


name: classified. goes by 'anon' or, more recently, 'O.G.'
gender: most likely female. open to debate.
age: 18
roleplay status: lazy. procrastinating.
        windows live:

my masks :


the OTP





TV shows

other media


up for adoption


+a bunch more i don't feel like adding

> Meg Giry - POTO

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